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English Language Instruction

One-on-one tutoring in speaking, reading, and writing for adult English Language Learners.

Our volunteer tutors work with adult, non-native English Language Learners who want help pursuing goals such as:

  • improving functional life skills
  • preparing for the driver education test
  • preparing for the citizenship test
  • reading their children’s papers from school
  • preparing to get a job
  • improving their job skills
  • taking high school equivalency exams
  • getting ready to take adult education courses
English Language student and family

The Sessions
The tutoring sessions are designed by each tutor to specifically address the individual goals, needs, abilities, learning style, and personal interests of each student. The tutor plans the sessions to include materials, activities, and exercises that relate directly to the learner’s individual reasons for seeking tutoring.
Tutoring Agreement
Adult learners and volunteer tutors are expected to commit to meeting for tutoring sessions for a minimum of once a week, for an hour, for 12 months. The learner and tutor can decide to meet more frequently than once a week if they wish. They can also decide to continue to work together beyond the 12-month period.
Get Help Now

  1. Call the office to set up an appointment to register for tutoring help. (The appointment can be at our office in Bath or at another location more convenient for the person seeking help.)
  2. Go to the registration appointment and fill out in-take paperwork, then take a short reading assessment.
  3. Discuss and agree to the terms of participation in the program.
  4. Meet the volunteer tutor and set a schedule for tutoring sessions (days and times) and agree on a location in a public space (local library, Midcoast Literacy building, coffee shop, etc.)
  5. Start tutoring sessions.

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