Success Story: Kara & Victorina

Our February Success Story (also featured in our e-mail newsletter) recognizes the progress made by one of our adult literacy pairs, Kara and Victorina. 

Kara Victorine success story

Kara Schwartz has been tutoring Victorina, an English language learner, for over a year. When they began, Victorina had very limited English. “Basic communication was much of what we were working on,” said Kara.

Now, after working once a week with Kara, Victorina speaks well and is doing more reading and writing at her sessions. She’s able to navigate Brunswick for herself and her three children, attending local events like Story Hour at Curtis Memorial Library.

Kara says, “I have enjoyed tutoring Victorina. She is an enthusiastic, quick learner, with a big smile!” Victorina adds, “I am thankful for Kara’s help. She has helped me learn very quickly. She is a good teacher.” The pair continue to work together, and Victorina is now feeling confident enough in her English to attend Midcoast Literacy Conversation Café events this winter.

Congratulations to Kara and Victorina on all of the language gains made in their first year together, and keep following us for more success stories from our tutors throughout the year!