Success Story: Steve and Cheng Yi

Our first Success Story of the New Year (also featured in our e-mail newsletter) highlights the progress of Read Together learner Cheng Yi and his tutor, Steve.

Steve and Cheng Yi Success Story

Steve and Cheng Yi, now a sixth grader, have been working together for almost 11 months. During that time, they started with the basics of English vocabulary (numbers, clothing, weather, animals, etc.) and quickly moved to walking through Hannaford and identifying a wide variety of foods, making change with American money, conversing with the staff at Curtis Library, and completing Book One of English Language Learning. “Before I came here,” said Cheng Yi, “my English was very bad. This year I learned so much. Now my English is better. I can speak and spell words in English.”

“Cheng Yi should be very proud of his progress,” said Steve. During their tutoring sessions, he read 17 beginner level books, completed numerous crossword puzzles, delved into several scientific topics, and much to the delight of Steve, demonstrated an aptitude for math beyond his grade level. They have covered Triangles, Fractions, GCD/ LCM, Prime Factorization, Circles and Spheres, Roots, Linear Equations, and Systems of Equations. Steve is always thinking of new ways to engage Cheng Yi in the use of English and to express his general knowledge and intelligence. “I admire Cheng Yi’s intensity and willingness to work,” reported Steve. “But the best moments have been when I have gotten him to laugh.”

Congratulations to Cheng Yi and Steve for all those books read and equations solved in their first year working together, and keep following us for more success stories from our tutors throughout the rest of 2024!