Success Story: Andrea & Museme

Our October Success Story (also featured in our e-mail newsletter) recognizes the outstanding progress made by English language learner Museme and his tutor, Andrea Schademan.

Museme came to the U.S. in March of 2022 knowing some English, but without having much confidence in his conversational ability. “I had problems with pronunciation, in grammar, and listening,” says Museme. He got a job at Wild Oats Bakery in Brunswick where he joined Midcoast Literacy’s Workplace Literacy program, and in August of last year was paired with Andrea as a one-on-one tutor. “I was apprehensive about tutoring at first since I had no prior teaching experience,” said Andrea. “Museme’s respect and gratitude made me feel more confident each week. He gained a lot of confidence too after a few months working together.”

Over a year later, Museme and Andrea’s dedicated work has led to milestone after milestone. With Andrea’s coaching, Museme has now made two plane trips in the U.S. – booking, checking-in, and navigating his connections all in English. He has been promoted at Wild Oats. And this fall, he enrolled in a CNA course to take the next steps in his career. Museme has also been a regular attendee of MCL’s Conversation Cafés at the Welcome Center, where in Andrea’s words “he has been a very popular conversation partner.” 

With opportunities to practice English, a supportive workplace, and weekly tutoring with Andrea, Museme’s attitude about speaking English has changed entirely. “Before I was afraid to speak English with people,” he said. “On the first time when I meet with Andrea, I did not understand her speaking accent. But now I have a good conversation with people in English.” Andrea’s confidence as a tutor has changed along the way too. “Now even some of his coworkers call me teacher,” she says.

Congratulations to Museme and Andrea for growing and achieving alongside each other as a tutor and tutee, and keep following us for more success stories from our tutors throughout the year!