Success Story: Alden & Akonkwa

Our first Success Story of the New Year (also featured in our January e-mail newsletter) celebrates ELL learner Akonkwa and her tutor, Alden Sproul, who are making great progress towards high school equivalency.

Akonkwa Alden newsletter edit

Akonkwa has been an MCL learner since 2018. “I came to this country without knowing English,” said Akonkwa. “But I found friendly teachers from Midcoast Literacy who have taught me English and helped me work on my HiSET.” The HiSET (or High School Equivalency Test) is the current test used in Maine for adult learners seeking to earn a diploma. What some people may not know, is that the HiSET is actually 5 different subject tests, which most learners take one at a time. In her first three years in Maine, Akonkwa initially worked with MCL tutor Betty Hartley, who taught her basic English and helped her pass the HiSET Social Studies exam. Akonkwa then started working with tutor Alden Sproul in 2021 to focus more on math and science for those subject tests.

“Akonkwa is a tireless student,” said Alden, “She did her best to fit meeting two days a week to practice math around her full time work.” With Alden’s help, Akonkwa passed her HiSET Math exam this past August, and is now well on the way towards taking the Science and Reading tests so she can complete her high school diploma. “Even though she moved this winter and no longer lives in Maine, she is committed to finishing the HISET with our help,” said Alden. “I have worked with several members of Akonkwa’s family since they came to Maine, and am so grateful to Midcoast Literacy for the opportunity to get to know this unique and talented family.”

“We are hoping to be done with the HiSET very soon,” said Akonkwa. “I would like to thank Midcoast Literacy and my amazing teachers for their sacrifice and goodwill to help new Mainers.” Congratulations to Akonkwa and Alden for their persistence in pursuit of an exciting goal, and keep following us for more success stories from our tutors throughout the rest of 2023!