Success Story: Kevin & Declin

Our November Success Story (also featured in our e-mail newsletter) highlights the academic gains made by Read Together learner Declin with his tutor, Kevin.

Kevin and Declin edited

Declin was matched with tutor Kevin Attra in November, 2020. Over the past year, they have worked together through remote sessions, in-person sessions held outside in lawn chairs, and most recently masked-up at Curtis Library. Kevin says, “Declin is a natural storyteller who has made amazing strides this year, finding new purpose in reading and launching himself on a path of discovery through books.”

The pair’s perseverance has paid off. At this fall’s parent/teacher conference, Declin’s parents were delighted to hear that he is doing an incredible job in school. As a sixth grader at the junior high school, he is getting all A’s. For his part, Declin really appreciated how Kevin “made learning more fun” and enjoyed all they did together, so much so that Declin now feels ready to go forward without tutoring. His parents want to honor that request, knowing Declin is armed with stronger reading and writing skills and a greater confidence in himself as a student. For all their successes working together, Kevin says what he will miss most are Declin’s compelling and often hilarious stories about ordinary events in his life.

After 12 months of all kinds of sessions, we all believe Declin is well positioned to keep succeeding in school and finding joy in learning. Congratulations to both Declin and Kevin for achieving real academic success during such an extra difficult year, and keep following us for more success stories from our tutors!