Success Story: Debbie & Lea and Janine & Grace

For our July-August tutoring success story (also featured in Midcoast Literacy's e-mail newsletter) we’re recognizing two Read Together pairs of tutors and learners: Lea & Debbie and Grace & Janine.

Debbie and Lea editedOur summer Success Story highlights not just one progressing learner, but two cousins who are taking their reading to exciting places! Cousins Lea and Grace each finished up the school year and their tutoring sessions with special projects based on book series they read with their tutors, Debbie Patterson and Janine Boyce. After reading the ‘American Girl Series: Addy’, Lea and Debbie wrote, made puppets for, and performed a puppet show that summarized the six-book series. “What a pleasure it has been tutoring Lea,” said Debbie. “Our work focused on increasing her vocabulary knowledge and strengthening her written language. Lea's notable progress is a testament to her self-motivation and her eagerness for self-improvement.”

Janine and Grace editedPreferring mystery books, Grace read through many, many ‘A to Z Mysteries’ with her tutor, Janine, before deciding to write one of her own. Following the A to Z format, Grace wrote (and Janine edited) The Punctual Pilot, and then read it aloud for a final presentation. “I was so pleased when Grace took on the book writing project,” said Janine. “Four months later, I was ecstatic when she met our accelerated deadline with an entertaining and well written final chapter. It’s wonderful to experience the impact reading a book can have on a child.”

Congratulations to Lea and Grace for the progress they made this past year, and to their tutors, Debbie and Janine for their dedication. Keep following us for more success stories from our tutors throughout the year!