Conversation Cafe started for ELL learners

Midcoast Literacy launched a new series of Conversation Cafe events last Tuesday to provide opportunities for English language learners to practice conversation.

Conversation Cafe 2 25 for web

The Conversation Cafe was conceived by Midcoast Literacy Executive Director Don Lader and Program Director Katie Clark to create an additional venue for English language tutees working with us to practice speaking English outside of their tutoring sessions. The Conversation Cafes organize short, one-on-one conversations between learners and volunteers so that the learner can practice their English.

"We provide an easy structure for conversations," says Don Lader, "and there's just one rule to follow: speak only English." Learners and volunteers meet each other, and then select a topic from a small set of suggestions on the table. The two people have a short conversation, asking each other questions about the topic. Then after a set amount of time, everyone rotates to a new conversation partner, picks a new topic, and starts a new conversation. In between conversations, coffee, tea, and snacks are provided in a relaxed, social atmosphere.

Our first Coversation Cafe event, held in Bath on Tuesday, February 25th was a big success! Midcoast Literacy is planning to hold future Conversation Cafes monthly for the rest of the spring, starting with the next event in late March. If you'd like to volunteer as an English speaking conversation partner for a future Midcoast Literacy Conversation Cafe, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.